Inflation-proof your pharmaceutical supply chain with Reliance Wholesale

Inflation puts extra strain on the pharmaceutical supply chain by causing delays in shipments and increasing transportation costs. This leaves small niche pharmaceutical companies in a tough position and forces many to reassess their business budget and expenses. They must find a way to improve operations while saving on costs in order to thrive during this time of inflation.

Small niche pharmaceutical companies should first assess their individual supply chain pipeline and take note of any inefficiencies. Where can you improve? Are there often delays? This will help mitigate any negative economic effects inflation might have on a business’s operations.

The role of pharmaceutical wholesale distributors

Pharmaceutical wholesale distributors play a key function in the global supply chain. They are tasked with making the distribution of pharmaceutical drugs more efficient while maintaining affordable costs. Wholesale distributors connect close to  60,000 U.S. pharmacies and outpatient facilities in the healthcare industry. This allows manufacturers to dispatch critical life-saving drugs in bulk, facilitating cost savings department-wide from labor to transportation.

Wholesale distributors support a small niche market by providing: 

  • Specialty drug distribution 
  • Pharmaceutical repackaging 
  • Electronic orders and tracking
  • Specialty pharmacy services 
  • Drug product buy-back programs 
  • Reimbursement support

They help small pharma companies avoid supply chain disruptions by providing logistic solutions and contingency plans—both key to surviving today’s inflation.

Real-time logistics solutions

In the wake of these rising inflation and delays, it’s easy for clients across the healthcare industry to become frustrated. We understand. Your customers depend on these medical supplies and there should not be excessive wait times. It’s important to understand that pharmaceutical wholesale distributors are working as hard as possible to mitigate supply chain disruption. 

They can help you save on cost with logistics solutions like:

  • Consolidating your shipments to cut back on the number of trips required.
  • Alerting you of drug shortages and recalls so you can inform your customers.
  • Third-party logistics data and reporting to track orders or returns.

Pharmaceutical wholesale distributors help small niche pharma companies to monitor their supply chain in real-time. When you work with a wholesale distributor who knows how to navigate the healthcare market and supply chain disruptions, it becomes easier to catch the hiccups before they create a huge financial strain on your business operations.

When drugs are incorrectly distributed, it affects the company’s reputation, customer satisfaction, and profit. An ineffective supply chain in a time of inflation has the potential to not only disrupt patient care but produce negative effects on overall public health as well.

Improve your supply chain

Reliance Wholesale plays an active role in the pharmaceutical supply chain by providing cost-effective solutions for our clients that don’t sacrifice the quality of the products or care. 

We support our clients by: 

  • Acquiring needed products through our broad network of suppliers
  • Relaying real-time updates to provide transparency throughout the product journey
  • Fast shipping to limit the wait times (i.e. same- or next-day) 

We help you to inflation-proof your supply chain, saving both on costs and time. Partnering with a reliable wholesale distributor will allow you to effectively monitor your distribution efforts by continuously seeking more affordable alternatives and solutions. Whether it’s a global pandemic, severe storm, or inflation-related issue, a reliable partner will help to see you through.

You have our promise that we will not rest until you are completely satisfied.

Contact us today to learn more about how our innovative logistics solutions can help you.

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