At Reliance Wholesale, Inc (Reliance) we strive to ship every order safely and accurately. If there is an error with your shipment, we will correct it. Please report any errors such as a wrong item, quantity error, and/or damages within 72 hours of receipt of goods to your Reliance Account Executive.

In general, products in saleable condition are eligible for return. Per FDA regulations certain products are not returnable. Per FDA regulations we cannot accept products purchased from suppliers other than Reliance. Please direct any questions to your Account Executive. Prior to returning a product to Reliance, customers must obtain, sign, and return a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) form and attest that all returned merchandise has been kept under proper conditions for storage, handling, and shipping.

Products must be returned to Reliance within 72 hours of receiving a shipping label to be eligible for credit.

Please contact your Account Executive for assistance with any return request by calling 1-866-210-1591 or email us at [email protected].

Note: The acceptability, valuation, and acceptance of any return is at the sole discretion of Reliance Wholesale, Inc. and/or the product manufacturer. This policy is subject to change without notice by Reliance Wholesale, Inc. This policy is further subject to modifications as Reliance may deem necessary or appropriate to comply with applicable federal and/or state laws, rules and regulations, FDA guidelines, and any other restrictions applicable to returned merchandise.