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When it comes to actively supporting efficient distribution efforts, technology can be accredited to helping build resiliency within the supply chain. Such advancements are responsible for reliable contingency plans, transparent consumer relations, and real-time communication. 

As a thriving pharmaceutical company, implementing the newest supply chain technology is key to staying a step ahead of your competitors and better serving your customers.

Improve access to information for better insight.

Demand forecasting uses predictive analysis of historical data to estimate and predict the future demand for a product. This allows for a more accurate forecast and gives you the ability to optimize your inventory levels based on the current climate. Better insight into your end-to-end supply chain means more opportunities to improve the efficiency of your product line. We can relay updates to key players in real-time and immediately address any supply chain concerns.

Outsourcing your inventory forecasting to a reliable pharmaceutical third-party logistics (3PL) provider can ensure that you always have a contingency plan in place. They’ll leverage today’s latest communication technology to keep you prepared, efficient, and worry-free.

Technology supports fulfillment accuracy and customer loyalty.

Cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI) transform the way supply chains operate by giving a blueprint of a client’s order and instilling checkpoints for accuracy. Steps are in place to guarantee each order fulfillment is without error. Clients are often able to view the journey of their order in real-time and make adjustments to the shipment schedule where necessary.

Customer loyalty is the goal, your supply chain’s fulfillment accuracy is the means. Better serving your clients doesn’t have to be an in-house effort. Working with a 3PL provider can provide your pharmaceutical company with the right tools to maximize the consumer experience.

Reduce security risks and enhance supply chain protection.

Global eCommerce sales are expected to reach $4.89 trillion by the end of 2022. This puts supply chain security at risk for cyberattacks and highlights the need for concern when it comes to protecting shared data. Encryption, tokenization, on-demand access, and automatic alerts allow pharmaceutical companies to monitor their cyber security and protect their data.

A healthy 3PL partnership is only as good as the cyber security throughout. The decisions made to benefit the productivity and efficiency of your supply chain should support growth. That’s why our clients rely on Reliance.

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