Frequently Asked Questions

We sell virtually any pharmaceutical that your facility uses with the exception of controlled substances.
Reliance provides pharmacies with Transaction Data for every single product that we sell. Our Compliance Department works diligently to make sure we stay current with the laws and regulations in all 50 states. Reliance is an FDA Authorized Trading Partner and is DSCSA compliant, offering free electronic T3 storage for six years as required by FDA.
Reliance usually steps in when there is a supply disruption and a pharmacy cannot get the product their patient needs through your primary contracts. Pharmacies we work with perform a Price/Cost/Impact analysis to determine whether a purchase makes sense. Pharmacies are never pressured to buy and it’s always OK to say “no thanks” if the impact to a facility does not justify the higher cost. A dedicated representative is there to facilitate your decision.
Most facilities have one primary wholesaler/distribution center from which they can order their drugs and supplies. Our purchasing department communicates with a network of wholesalers nationwide. As soon as we receive a call with the details of a needed item, we tap into our AuthorizedDistributor network to quickly locate what’s needed, saving lots of valuable time! In some instances, even we cannot find product; in that case, we let the facility know quickly so it can explore available options.
Our compliance team is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in the industry. All our products are stored, shipped, and handled according to manufacturer specifications and strict Policies and Procedures.
To set up an account, call us at 1.866.210.1591 and ask to speak with one of our representatives. Also, there are no minimum orders or monthly purchasing quotas, we are here to serve you on an emergency basis.
In most cases, we can get your order to you for the next morning, even on Saturdays. We can also provide same-day delivery if it is needed. Your Reliance representative will be happy to provide you with tracking and delivery confirmations.